4 / 7 Mythic: Elerethe Renferal, Ursoc & Dragons of Nightmare

23:35, 29/syyskuu/2016

Kirjoittanut Paradar


1/7 Mythic: Nythendra

00:20, 29/syyskuu/2016

Kirjoittanut Paradar



11:06, 10/syyskuu/2015

Kirjoittanut Lyksy




Tier and expansion finally over! We are taking 2 week break from raiding but after that we are back on track. If you are interested about applying be sure to do it now, we have already gotten a lot of great new applicants for next tier. What we really need now is healers but any class / spec will be considered, but we are mostly looking for decicated and stable players that aren’t bound by specific classes.


During this tier we had players that suddenly wanted to quit the game, we also had to replace some players, also we missed a lot of our core players from the start which was VERY slow. Anyways this was ok tier for us when considering how many different characters we had to gear to get this tier done. Anyways gonna write more stuff later about recruitment and stuff. Thanks everyone who helped and contributed to our Mythic/Heroic raids.